Wednesday, November 3, 2010

onward to FULL LEGALIZATION IN 2012!

prop. 19 was a tragically flawed initiative that ultimately defeated itself by being so poorly written as to be a pandora's box of unintended consequences. still, we can learn from its mistakes to draft a better initiative for 2012. we are already working to get the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative (also known as the Jack Herer Initiative) on the ballot. support it here:

let us not forget that WE ARE ALL FOR LEGALIZATION! our differences in opinion about the best route to achieve legalization must not get in the way of our working in unity to develop a new plan--one that favors people over corporations.

we are grateful that SB 1449 has made possession of 1 oz--the same amount prop. 19 would have allowed--a civil infraction, with the same non-criminal status as speeding. that means no one in california will go to jail for possession of 1 oz or less--including young adults age 18-21 (who made up 49% of marijuana possession arrests in 2008). we are also grateful that we have not ignited the ire of the federal government, which threatened to impinge upon our rights if prop. 19 had passed. now we are free to come together united to achieve FULL LEGALIZATION IN 2012.

thank you to all who saw prop. 19 for what it was and stood up against it, even in the face of ostracism from some members of the cannabis movement. i look forward to working with all cannabis activists and enthusiasts to bring TRUE LEGALIZATION IN 2012!


puff, puff, pass,


  1. Thanks for all your hard work. I know you took a beating from a lot of the Marijuana community over this. Hopefully we can all now get together for a good measure.

  2. Hey, can you purchase a custom domain name? I'll send ya the $10 if ya need it lol.

    And great work man!!! You're a real advocate journalist standing up for what's right.